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Addiction Counsellors

Mr. Raj Mathur

Mr. Raj Mathur is an extraordinary individual who has dedicated his life to serving the well-being of alcoholics and addicts for an incredible span of 37 years. His unwavering commitment and deep understanding of the principles outlined in the AA Big Book have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a guiding light within the field of addiction recovery. As an integral part of the Door of Hope (DOH) team, Mr. Mathur has played a vital role in transforming the lives of countless individuals struggling with alcoholism and addiction. His passion for helping those afflicted with these conditions is truly unparalleled, and his contributions have left an indelible impact on the recovery community. Mr. Mathur’s profound knowledge and mastery of the 12-step program, particularly as outlined in the AA Big Book, have made him a recognized authority in India and esteemed worldwide. His deep understanding of the principles and nuances of the program have allowed him to guide individuals through each step, providing them with the tools and support necessary for lasting recovery. With his extensive experience and expertise, Mr. Mathur has become an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to overcome their addiction. His compassionate approach, coupled with his profound knowledge of the 12-step program, has empowered many to embark on a transformative journey towards sobriety and personal growth. Mr. Mathur’s dedication to the well-being of alcoholics and addicts extends far beyond his professional duties. His selfless service and genuine care for individuals struggling with addiction have touched the lives of countless individuals and their families. His commitment to supporting individuals on their path to recovery is a testament to his unwavering compassion and belief in the transformative power of the 12-step program. Through his involvement with DOH and his exceptional understanding of the AA Big Book and the 12 steps, Mr. Raj Mathur has emerged as one of India’s foremost experts in addiction recovery. His contributions have not only transformed the lives of those he has directly worked with but have also had a ripple effect, spreading hope and healing throughout the recovery community. Mr. Mathur’s unparalleled dedication, expertise, and profound impact on the lives of individuals struggling with addiction make him an invaluable asset to the DOH team and a beacon of hope for those in need of recovery. His legacy of selfless service and unwavering commitment will continue to inspire and guide individuals on their journey to lasting sobriety.

Navin Ansal

Mr. Navin Ansal

Mr. Navin Ansal, an extraordinary individual whose life’s purpose revolves around serving the well-being of alcoholics and addicts. With an astounding 32 years of experience in this field, Mr. Ansal brings a unique perspective to his work, having overcome his own personal battles with addiction. This firsthand understanding enables him to connect with others who are facing similar struggles and provide them with invaluable support. Mr. Ansal’s journey is marked by resilience and compassion. His unwavering commitment to helping those in need is truly inspiring. Despite his own challenges, he has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless individuals, demonstrating that recovery is not only possible but also transformative. His profound empathy and non-judgmental attitude create a safe and welcoming environment for those seeking assistance. Warm and humble, Mr. Ansal possesses a magnetic personality that naturally draws people towards him. His genuine care for others shines through in every interaction, fostering trust and openness. Whether it is offering guidance, lending a listening ear, or providing practical advice, Mr. Ansal’s presence has a profound impact on the lives of those he touches. At our rehabilitation centre, we are privileged to have Mr. Navin Ansal as an integral member of our team. His vast experience, personal journey, and innate ability to connect with individuals make him an invaluable asset in our mission to support those struggling with addiction. Through his dedication and genuine compassion, Mr. Ansal continues to transform lives, offering a path of healing and empowerment for those on their journey towards recovery.

Ms. Rita Marathey

Ms. Rita, with her extensive qualifications and decades of experience, is a highly esteemed figure in the field of addiction and recovery. Holding a Post Graduation in Rural Development and a Certification in Counselling from the University of West of Scotland, she possesses a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise. For over three decades, Rita has been actively involved in addiction work, dedicating her time and efforts to help individuals and families overcome the challenges associated with addiction. Her commitment to this cause has led her to serve both voluntarily and in full-time roles, demonstrating her deep passion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. Having undergone training at The Caron Foundation in Philadelphia, Rita has gained valuable insights and expertise in addiction treatment and recovery. Her involvement as a Member of the Board of Visitors at Tihar Prisons in New Delhi highlights her commitment to supporting individuals within the criminal justice system who are grappling with addiction-related issues. Throughout her career, Rita has travelled extensively, both within the country and overseas, working in various sectors such as corporate, social, and private, further expanding her knowledge and understanding of addiction and recovery. Her breadth of experience allows her to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing the complexities of addiction. Rita’s specialisation lies in Family Counselling and Codependency, making her a valuable resource for individuals and families in need of support. With four decades of experience under her belt, she possesses a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, enabling her to provide guidance and assistance to those navigating the challenges of addiction and its impact on the family unit. Beyond her professional qualifications, Rita’s warm and compassionate nature sets her apart. People naturally find comfort in confiding in her, knowing they will be met with understanding, empathy, and non-judgment. Her ability to establish a safe and trusting environment fosters open communication and encourages individuals to seek the help they need. Rita’s remarkable dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to the field of addiction and recovery. Her tireless efforts have positively impacted countless lives, providing hope, healing, and support to individuals and families affected by addiction.

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